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No Longer Home: Friary Road

Bo and Ao are the last ones left after a barbecue and find themselves stargazing. · By humble grove, celdavison, eli rainsberry, Adrienne Lombardo, hana


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MacOS Catalina - Some steps to follow
If you are trying to open Friary Road from MacOS Catalina you may find that the message "This application "Friary Road" can't be opened" will appear. Right now...
1 file
Touchscreen PC Bug Fixed
Hey there! Just a short update to say that we finally fixed the bug that caused Friary Road to lock up when played on a computer with a touchscreen. Sorry this...
3 files
Localisation Bug Fix
There was a bug that prevented Japanese and French language options from being selected. This has been fixed...
3 files — 1.0.1